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    Nansha Palace of Queen of Heaven Was Awarded “Scenic Spots for Guangzhou Maritime Silk Road”

    Date: 2015-05-29   Clicked: 4141
    On May 19, in the activity of 2015 "China tourism day", Nansha palace of queen of heaven was awarded "Scenic Spots for Guangzhou Maritime Silk Road" by Guangzhou tourism administration.

    Nansha palace of queen of heaven, which acts as one of witnesses for the cradle of Guangzhou Nansha Maritime Silk Road, actively participates in the construction of 21st century Maritime Silk Road, and it is the carrier of spreading and developing Maritime Silk Road. Maritime Silk Road is the sea lane for economic and cultural exchange association between the ancient China and other regions. Guangzhou is the only everlasting prosperous harbor of more than 2000 years in the world maritime history, and thousands of years of maritime trade just leaves Guangzhou with a large number of precious historical relics.

    "Mazu" is a goddess of the sea worshiped by the coastal people. Trade ships going by Pearl River Estuary will worship "Mazu" to pray for peace. In the Ming Dynasty, there was a celestial oncubine temple built in Lujin country, Nansha district, which was the predecessor for Nansha palace of concubine of heaven. In Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty, it was entitled as "Yuanjun ancient temple" after repairing, which was blown up by Japanese. In 1994, Henry Fok, the former vice chairman of the CPPCC national committee and well-known industrialist, proposed and donated for rebuilding Nansha palace of queen of heaven. The Nansha palace of queen of heaven through reconstruction was located on the South-eastern of Nansha Dajiao Mountain, facing the Vastness of LingDingYang Sea, with the giant statue of the beautiful and kind queen of heaven standing on the grounds of the 1. 5 hectares.
    Overall architecture integrates the style of the imperial palace in Beijing and the Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum in Nanjing, with the biggest size among the same buildings in the world today. Here comes with luxuriant vegetation, colorful flowers, pond with willow weeping, towering Nanling tower and elegant small Pavilion. Sun is warm and smoke is cyan, with cool wind blowing gently. The birds on the tree are singing with freedom, and butterflies among the flowers are dancing happily. What a wonderful and peaceful sight, which just makes tourists linger.

    It is reported, other 11 scenic spots in Guangzhou granted with authorities include Western Han Nanyue King Museum, Museum of Nanyue King’s palace, Zhenhai tower, Guangxiao temple, Huaisheng temple, Shengxin cathedral, Muslim sages tomb, Nanhai God temple, The ancient Huangbu harbor, Lotus Hill and Baomo Garden.

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